Precinct 1 Commissioner

Precinct 1 Commissioner Candidate Albert Tibbs

I am Albert Tibbs, Precinct 1 Commissioner Candidate captured and compelled by this because I am of you. My family and I have lived in Fort Bend County for 22 years. Experiencing and living life of you and with you. I am by you in the real life joys and tragedies of everyday life.

I was by you when Hightower emerged on the scene. By you at football games, basketball, band, track and the East Fort Bend community struggles to be included and valued. Stood by you in court battles won and lost; in joy and distress for our children’s freedom.

I am compelled and captured by this because I AM FOR YOU.

I stand here and now calling on the collective power of We, who believe in “No Community Left Behind”. We are one county, we are one community and stand on this ark of collective service for the good of all by this compelling “No Community Left Behind in Precinct 1 Commissioner .”

You can contribute to my campaign here.

Married to Marilyn D. Tibbs for 36 Years, and have 5 children

Resident Fort Bend County for 22 years

Licensed and Ordained Minister of 51 years

Licensed Realtor and Owner of a Real Estate Company

Founder and CEO of several non-profit corporations

National and International Business Strategist

Former City Administrator

Member of numerous Education and Non-Profit Institutions

Founded the Nehemiah Initiative for Community Improvement

Adjunct Professor

Certified Christian Councilor – IICC

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